Place Standard Workshop was held in Bursa

Date : 29 Aralık 2018

The World Health Organization European Healthy Cities Network, of which Turkish Healthy Cities Association is a member, celebrated its 30th anniversary in February 2018 in Copenhagen at a summit held in Copenhagen with the participation of 40 mayors and 85 senior politicians. 6 themes for the 7th phase to be started in 2019 were determined. These 6 themes are namely; People, Place, Planet, Peace, Prosperity, and Participation.

NHS Health Scotland initiated the works for “Place Standard” heading in 2017. They are implemented in the workshop organized by the World Health Organization in September 2017 in Edinburgh Scotland with the participation of Turkish Healthy Cities Association for supporting the 7th phase and efficient results were revealed. Turkish Healthy Cities Association in Antalya hosted this workshop on April 24, 2018, within the scope of WHO National Network Coordinators’ meeting.

Upon our invitation, Place Standard workshop was included in the program of International Urban and Health Congress held in Bursa on 11-14 December 2018. For the workshop held with the cooperation of Turkish Healthy Cities Association, NHS Health Scotland and Bursa Technical University on December 11, Hanlar Region, which is included in UNESCO World Heritage List, was selected as the venue.

John Howie from NHS Health Scotland and Members of Advisory Committee Prof. Dr. Handan Türkoğlu, Prof. Dr. Feza Karaer, Prof. Dr. E. Didem Evci Kiraz, Assoc. Prof. Gül Sayan Atanur and Association Manager Murat Ar led the workshop. 60 participants including the representatives from Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, Osmangazi, Nilüfer, Mudanya and İnegöl Municipalities that are members of the Association from Bursa and the students and academicians from Istanbul Technical University, Bursa Technical University, Uludağ University, and Adnan Menderes University have participated in the Place Standard workshop.

Murat Ar, the Manager of the Association made an opening speech. Then, Assoc. Prof. Gül Sayan Atanur presented the Hanlar region. The workshop manager, John Howie, explained the purpose of the workshop, the implementation areas as well as their experiences.

After the presentations, 5 working groups were determined and 14 indicators to be used in the field study were shared with the participants. The indicators selected within the scope of the workshop shortly summarize the relationship of the space in question with development, empowerment, well-being, and inequalities. By transforming complex relations between public health and place into a simple relationship as a flexible output, these indicators support the cooperation of society, organizations, and enterprises; define the current situation of places and their priorities for the development of regions between well-structured, under development and planning regions.

After sharing the indicators, technical analysis and analysis studies were initiated with 5 different groups in the Hanlar Region. Following questions were asked about the place within the context of the technical analysis; public transport, traffic and parking, streets, places, and social communication, natural space, business, and the local economy, feeling secure, feeling belonged, facilities and the effect of control, housing, community and feeling secure, movement areas, playground, and recreation, etc. The notes taken by the individuals were then discussed in a round-table and points were allocated after reaching a consensus. Obtained statistical and graphical results were interpreted and shared with other groups. The Place Standard workshop, prioritizing the efficient implementation and consensus, has ended after the participants read the reports.

The Place Standard method, which increases participation, exchange of ideas, various perspectives and the ability to work collaboratively from different occupational groups in the selected areas and places, has produced very positive results since the day it was started. Turkish Healthy Cities Association initiated the first implementations in Turkey under the guidance of NHS Health Scotland.

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