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The Environmentalist Facilities Were Awarded


The second ‘Environmentalist Facilities Award Ceremony’ took place in İstanbul, organized by Turkish Healthy Cities Association in cooperation with affiliated municipalities this year. Dr. Mehmet Müezzinoğlu – Ministry of Health, Kadir Topbaş – Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Recep Altepe – President of Turkish Healthy Cities Association and Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, mayors and representatives of the affiliated municipalities, representatives of organized industrial zones and the representatives of the awarded companies attended the ceremony.

Recep Altepe, president of Turkish Healthy Cities Association and Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality made an opening speech. Mr. Altepe reminded that they have been organizing this ceremony of environmentalist awards in order to release the facilities and organized industrial zones producing health consciously to Turkey, and to express their appreciation. President Altepe expressed their gratitude to announce 48 facilities and 9 organized industrial zones to Turkey at the second organization of which first was held at 1 March 2013. Acknowledging affiliated municipalities and members of the advisory committee, Mr. Altepe stated “It is sublime and encouraging to be together with our exemplary facilities and representatives of the organized industrial zones here, today. Also I would like to take this occasion to thank our Minister of Health Dr. Mehmet Müezzinoğlu whom stands with us at this organization we hold.”

Mr. Kadir Topbaş – Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, on the other hand, emphasized that the future of children is severely threatened in the sense of environment. Urging NGO’s and business world to act together against the environmental issues and stating the need of being sensitive on this matter, Mr Topbaş said “We ought to apply significant sanctions in respect of environmental issues. Unless these are not realized, it would be impossible for us to succeed, no matter how hard we try. Our administrators shall be supporting the enterprises which act responsibly towards this issue by rewarding or any other similar applications. We need to occupy ourselves with this.”

Giving a speech at the ceremony also Erdem Saker, member of the Advisory Committee of Turkish Healthy Cities Association and former Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, suggested that the implementation of Local Agenda 21 Programmes globally proposed by UN in 1992 would be resurrected in our cities.


And the Minister of Health, Dr. Mehmet Müezzinoğlu congratulated Turkish Healthy Cities Association and Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, Recep Altepe on launching a significant and efficient initiative on environmental health in Turkey, and congratulated the awarded companies along with organized industrial zones. Mr. Müezzinoğlu indicated that the local administrations constitute the essential dynamics of a healthy society. Laying emphasis on streets, quarters and districts as the lead factors on human, family and public health, Mr. Müezzinoğlu said “The
responsibility of local administrator holds high importance on a healthy environment. We ought to give what we can to the future, instead of expecting things from the future. We need to pass our cities down, under more civilized conditions. In this respect, I would like to congratulate our esteemed President Recep Altepe, affiliated municipalities of the Association and the environmentalist facilities, wholeheartedly.”


Following the speeches, the Minister of Health, Dr. Mehmet Müezzinoğlu, Kadir Topbaş – Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and Turkish Healthy Cities Association and Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Recep Altepe presented the awards to the representatives of companies and organized industrial zones which were deemed worthy of environmentalist facility awards.

Rewarded companies

Fombak, Akırmak Auto Main Industry, Faurecia, Çimtaş Steel and İtimat Dairy Products from Bursa.

Erbakır Electrolytic Copper Products, RWE-TURCAS Electricity Production, Akça Ready Mixed

Concrete, Gümüşsu Treatment Facilities and Natur Textiles Dye Industries from Denizli.

Bayer Türk Chemistry, Weidmann Transformer Isolation, Kartal Chemistry, Kilit Certificate and Data

Services and İler Catering from Gebze.

Asaş Filter, Artuğ Bricks, Delta Rubis Petrol and Filmar Filter Industries from Hatay.

Ortadoğu Energy, Canan Cosmetics, Elif Plastics, Viko Electricity and Arpaş Exportation A.Ş. from


Güzelvan Suni Deri, Akyol Waste Collecting and Recycling, Kantar Transportation (Torbalı Branch),

Aygaz Aliağa Filling Facility, Doğa Organic Food and Agricultural Products and Fibrosan Glass

Reinforced Polyester Inc. from İzmir.

Kahramanmaraş Paper Industry, Matesa Textiles Inc. from Kahramanmaraş.

Nuh Cement, Yıldız Particleboard and Wood Products, Ferro Casting Industry, Alstrom Grid Energy

and Altıntel Port and Terminal Enterprises from Kocaeli.

İn-Te Constructing and Installation Inc. from Mersin.

Derya Group from Mezitli,

Marmarabirlik, İlka Şekerleme, Pnomek Hydraulic Pumps, Ferroallyos Scrap Metal and Recycling, and

Happiness Auto Industry A.Ş. from Nilüfer,

Kurtarır Fire Extinction, Mefar Pharmaceutical industry, Haket Livestock, Hacı Bekir Turkish Delight

and Confectionery, and Demiröz Machine Industry from Pendik.

And the awarded organized industrial zones at the ceremony are as below:

Ankara 1st Organized Industrial Zone, Bursa Organized Industrial Zone, Hasanağa Organized

Industrial Zone, İskenderun Organized Industrial Zone, Kırıkkale 1st Organized Industrial Zone, Kocaeli

Gebze Kömürcüler Specialized Organized Industrial Zone, Osmaniye Organized Industrial Zone,

İstanbul Tuzla Organized Industrial Zone and Sakarya 1st Organized Industrial Zone.

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