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The Training For The Preparation Of City Health Profile Has Been Organized


The training for the preparation of city health profile, hosted by one of our member Municipalities, Eskişehir / Tepebaşı municipality was organized between 19-20-21th of December 2016 under the guidance of the members of the Advisory Committee for the Turkish Healthy Cities Association, including Prof Dr. Emine Didem Evci KİRAZ, the teaching fellow at Adnan Menderes University the Faculty of Medicine, the Department of Public Health and Asst. Prof. Dr. Emel İRGİL, the teaching fellow at Uludağ University the Faculty of Medicine, the Department of Public Health.

The training program, attended by 47 municipal representatives, who are the members of Turkish Healthy Cities Association Cities as well as the representatives of the relevant Ministry and the Directorates along with the members of the Advisory Board of ATHC took of with the speech of host Municipality Mayor, Tepebası, Dr. Ahmet ATAÇ.
During his opening speech, the mayor of the host municipality said “Eskişehir / Tepebaşı municipality is a forerunner municipality in the Healthy Cities Project of the World Health Organization.” He underlined that his municipality is amongst the very first municipalities that joined the Organization. Mayor Ataç, ended his speech with the following remark “Although there are only a few healthy city in Turkey today, we break grounds for important projects in this work, in which we lead the way. Today, the cities implement a profile development plan and they advance according this plan. The health cities are mechanisms that make us change the visions of the municipalities. Just like in European cities, we attach importance on health, socialization, art, culture and education. Benefiting the basic services of a municipality is a fundamental right of people, however people, with the ever changing world, have other expectations as well. And for this, as the local governments, we need to do our best.”

After the opening speech, the training continued with the presentation of director of the Association, Murat AR, titled “What is a City Health Profile and How should it be prepared?” and the presentation of Prof Dr. Didem EVCİ KİRAZ titled “Interdisciplinary / Inter Sectoral Cooperation in City Health and the Common Language.”
After the recess, Mayor of Pendik Dr. Salih Kenan Şahin and Prof Dr. Emine Didem EVCİ KİRAZ shared their experience regarding the Municipality of Pendik at the session, titled “The Experiences of the preparation of City Health Profile.” After the session, a certificate for each of the municipalities of Bursa, İzmir, Denizli, Trabzon Büyükşehir Belediyeleri ile Yalova, Tepebaşı, Çankaya, Pendik, Gölcük, Kadıköy, Karşıyaka, Nilüfer and Osmangazi, which has prepared city health projects so far were presented. After the certificate ceremony, the Deputy Chairman of the Ministry of Health the Public Health Agency of Turkey, Asst. Prof Dr. Mustafa Kemal Başaralı gave a speech.
The participants, who were divided into two groups after the lunch break, attended two sessions. In hall A, Nalan Fidan from Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and E. Fatih Bayram from Golcuk Municipality and in Hall B, Aylin Cengiz Yel from İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and İnci Çalışkan from Tepebaşı Municipality shared their presentation regarding the City Health profiles under the moderation of Asst. Prof Dr. Emel İRGİL and Prof. Dr. Emine Didem EVCİ KİRAZ and under the spokesmanship of Teaching Fellows Dr. Çiğdem YILMAZ AYDIN and Dr. Sercan ÖZTÜRK. The speakers, in their presentations, shared why they prepared city health profiles, who were in the team that compiled the profile, how long it took to compile such a profile, where they obtained the data from, with whom they cooperated and when they updated their profiles and shared their suggestions with those who will prepare such a profile. The session, which went on as a Q&A and discussion, ended with the preparation of the final declaration.
At the end of the day, visit to Odunpazarı wax museum, to Tepebaşı Municipality, Ozdilek Museum Culture and Art and to Tepebaşı Municipality of Tepebaşı Welness Village were conducted respectively with the participation of all the participants.

The second day of training began with the presentation of director of the Association, Murat AR, titled “The Support Mechanism of the Association during the Profile Preparation Process” and continued with the presentations of the coordinator of Gölcük Municipality, E. Fatih BAYRAM and the Coordinator of Tepebaşı Municipality, İnci ÇALIŞKAN to depict the final declarations of the work groups from the Halls A and B.
After the general review of the Head of the Association, Murat AR and by receiving the requests and recommendations, the Training for City Health Profile ended.

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