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Turkish Healthy Cities Association Gathered in Kadıköy


The 30th Regular Assembly of the Turkish Healthy Cities Association and the Conference on “Active Ageing” took place at Kadıköy Municipality from 12th to 14th October 2018.

The President of Turkish Healthy Cities Association and the Metropolitan Mayor of Antalya, Menderes Türel, Mayor of Kadıköy, AykurtNuhoğlu, Deputy of Bilecik, SelimYağcı, Governor of Kadıköy, Mustafa Özarslan, member mayors, council members, members of the advisory board of the Association, relevant managers of institutions and organizations, academicians and students from universities, coordinators of Healthy Cities Association, experts and press members gathered together in Kadıköy.

The participants watched a short trailer about Kadıköy prior to the opening speeches.

The Conference started with the speech of the Retired Academician from the Public Health Department of the Medical Faculty of Uludağ University and the Advisory Board Member of the Turkish Healthy Cities Association, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Emel İrgil.

Following the speech of the Assoc. Prof. Dr. Emel İrgil, the Mayor of Kadıköy, AykurtNuhoğlu, gave his opening speech emphasizing the need for the cooperation of the central management and public institutions about the old age issue and said: ’14 percent of the population in Turkey is expected to be over 65 years old in the next 20 years. This rate is already around 19 percent in Kadıköy. We have over 85 thousand people over age 65. As cities grow, people become lonely. Families are not able to solve the problems about their elderly members and children, on their own. At this point, local governments have significant duties. We have to be with these families for a whole lifetime from birth. As local governments, we can plan the future and meet these needs and we certainly do. Although these are not our essential legal duties, all municipalities take this issue seriously. So, what will happen in the future? Central administrations and public institutions need to work in coordination. It is possible to create effective solutions together’.

Following the speech of AykurtNuhoğlu, the President of the TurkishHealthy Cities Association and Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, Menderes Türel stated the following about the conference: “We gather together in different cities every year. Thus, we find the opportunity to see the works of our member municipalities more closely. Transportation is one of the most common problems we face as mayors. There are important measures to reduce the problems. Reminding that bicycle is also a means of transportation, I would like to say that this should be taken into consideration in construction plans and in the organization of streets. This year, we are organizing the 10th of the TurkishHealthy Cities Practices Competition, where we have the opportunity to see examples of each other’s good practices as local governments. 91 projects from 32 member municipalities applied to the competition. The winners of this competition are all municipalities. I believe these projects will contribute to the ideas of all of us.”

Opening speeches ended with the speeches of the Governor of Kadıköy, Mustafa Özarslan, and Deputy of Bilecik, SelimYağcı.

After the opening speeches, members approved the budget and performance program for the year 2019 at the 30th regular assembly. Membership application of Mardin Metropolitan Municipality was approved and the number of the members of the Association reached 72. The Assembly also approved the working status of the contracted staff and the new legislation of the Association.

After the assembly, the winner cities of 2018 TurkishHealthy Cities Best Practice Competition, a tenth of which was organized by TurkishHealthy Cities Association, received their awards.

After the award ceremony, the Dean of the Faculty of Architecture of Uludağ University and a member of the Advisory Board of the Healthy Cities Association, Prof. Dr. Nilüfer Akıncıtürk chaired the session on “How Do We Adapt to Ageing?”. The first speaker, the Dean of Nursing Faculty of Adnan Menderes University and Healthy Cities Association Advisory Board Member Prof. Dr. Emine Didem Evci Kiraz made a presentation about “Healthy Ageing”. After this presentation, an Academician from the Architecture Faculty of Özyeğin University, Prof.Dr. Alper Ünlü made a presentation about “Ecological Adaptation, Ageing, and Architecture”. The final speaker, President of the Gerontology Department of Akdeniz University, Prof. Dr. İsmail Tufan gave a presentation about “The Elderly-Friendly Antalya” and the first session was completed.

The physician, occupational health doctor, public administration science expert, occupational health and safety educator Dr.Buhara Ünal made a presentation about “Active Ageing and the Protection of the Elderly in Terms of Occupational Health and Safety” at the session on “Active Ageing”.  After this presentation, the second session ended with a talk show program attended by the former Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and TurkishHealthy Cities Association Advisory Board member Erdem Saker, a retired Library Director Nesrin Arslan and the President of Bursa Cycling and Nature Lovers Association, Ertan Ayçetin as the guests.

At the final session of the Conference, the Sociology Department Head of Maltepe University, Prof.Dr.NurgünOktik made a presentation about “The Elderly-friendly town: Kadıköy”. Deputy Mayor of Kadıköy Municipality, Bahar Yalçın, made a presentation about “Kadıköy Municipality Social Service Policies and Practices”. After this, the Head of Kadıköy Municipality Alzheimer Center, Dr. Zeynep Süzme, made a presentation about “Kadıköy Municipality Alzheimer Center and Public Life House”. The final speaker of the session was a Sociologist from Kadıköy Municipality Social Support Services Department, EceÇizel, who made a presentation about “Kadıköy Municipality Research on Ageing”.

Finally, the Conference Regulatory Board Head Assoc. Prof. Dr. Emel İrgil shared the final declaration of the conference with the participants. Kadıköy Mayor, AykurtNuhoğlu thanked the guests for their attendance and ended the Conference.

Within the scope of technical excursion, the participants visited the Cartoon House, Kadıköy Youth Art Center, Kadıköy Design Atelier, Yeldeğirmeni Art Center, Rasimpaşa Social Service Center, Potlaç, Süreyya Opera House and IDEA Kadıköy.

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