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WHO Conference held in Pecs


WHO Healthy City Network Annual Business and Technical Conference of World Health Organization of which theme was “Building Healthy Cities: inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable” was held in March 01-03, 2017 in Pecs, Hungary. Over 200 representatives from 32 countries participated in the conference. Representatives of Yalova, Kadikoy, Karsiyaka, Golcuk, Nilufer, Cankaya, Ortahisar, Balcova, Denizli, Trabzon and Bursa in Turkish Healthy Cities Association participated in the conference. Mayor of Pecs Zsolt Pava, Ministry Representative Jozsef Betlehem, Piroska Östlin from WHO Europe Regional Office and Director of WHO Europe Regional Office Monika Kosinska made the opening speeches. Also, Manager of WHO Europe Regional Office Zsuzsanna Jakab participated in conference through a video message.

Mayor of Pecs Zsolt Pava expressed his satisfaction that WHO Healthy Cities Network Annual Business and Technical Conference was held in Pecs this year. Pava also gave information about Pecs city to participants and wished that the conference could be efficient for everyone who participated. Director of WHO Europe Regional Office Monika Kosinska provided a general information in her welcome speech about the conference held in Kuopio in previous years, progress made from past to present, works which are done and to be done. During the opening speeches, other speakers made their points about subjects such as 2020 strategies, comparison of data, healthcare and treatment systems, national health strategy, prevention of diseases, mental illnesses, sharing experiences, development and roles of cities, welfare, sustainable development goals (SDG) and healthcare system capacity.

Following the opening speeches, in the sessions continued in main hall, speakers gave general speeches about subjects such as drivers for a sustainable future, change processes from planning to locations, sustainable healthy cities, successful interventions, innovative methods, immigration and healthcare, strengthening the leadership for cross-sectoral business and change, equality, the importance of scientific observation and evaluation, drivers for inclusive societies, comprehensive cities, environment and healthcare, action plans, drivers for resilient communities, flexible cities, development of healthcare, information transfer, innovative solutions, increasing capacities for improved healthcare, healthy aging, variables for population changes and healthcare resources and various round table meetings had been held.

Nalan Fidan who participated in the meeting on behalf of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality among the other participants from Turkey, shared her presentation about “Tackling Climate Change Action Plan of Bursa” with participants. The following participants shared their presentations in different parallel sessions: “Research on the population sample from Kadikoy to develop policies for healthy aging” by Ece Cizel from Kadikoy Municipality; “Active City Karsiyaka” by Turan Ates from Karsiyaka Municipality; “Mature Youth Center” by Necla Yoruklu from Nilufer Municipality and “Gender Equality in Local Governments and Participations” by Vice Chairman Gulsun Bor Guner from Cankaya Municipality.

On the second day of conference, Murat Ar who is the director of Turkish Healthy Cities Association, shared the presentation which has been prepared with the guidance of Consultative Committee Member Prof. Dr. Cengiz Ture, titled as “The Importance of Analyzing The Exposure to Climate Change For Becoming A Healthy City” with other participants. Mr. Ar gave information on global warming and climate change analysis with the data obtained by the municipalities participating in the research from the member cities of the Healthy Cities Association in Turkey on global warming and climate change, which has become a serious threat for cities in recent years. At the end of the presentation, short film of “Let’s Reduce Our Carbon Footprint For Healthy Cities” had been shared with other participants.

Turkish Health Cities Association won the best poster presentation award…

In addition to the oral presentations in the WHO European Cities Network Annual Business and Technical Conference, poster presentations had also been shown. On behalf of Turkey, posters made by Turkish Healthy Cities Association, Yalova Municipality, Karsiyaka Municipality, Kadikoy Municipality and Cankaya Municipality had been presented. In the contest of the most credited poster presentation, Turkish Healthy Cities Association took the first place with its poster titled as “Youth Policies”. Director of Association Murat Ar received the award from Pecs Mayor Zsolt Pava on behalf of Turkish Healthy Cities Association.

Next Meeting in Belfast

The meeting was concluded with a declaration that the WHO European Cities Network Annual Business and Technical Conference of 2018 will be held in Belfast, North Ireland.

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