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In order to protect our country’s unique urban values and to prepare our cities for the future we need to start our work at fundamental levels, in other words from places where we live. Authorities of cities need to work in co-operation to build places, where there are no more transportation, education and health problems, where the historical heritage is protected and development is sustainable.

In this scope the Healthy Cities movement, which is shared by numerous cities around the world, is an important model for us. Turkish Healthy Cities Association will pioneer the Healthy Cities Movement in Turkey in order to create healthy and livable cities and provide high quality living standards.

Thanks to the Healthy Cities movement the members of the Association will have opportunities to cooperate in order to alleviate all urban and environmental inequalities and poverty; to share experiences related to health, urban planning, environment, housing, transportation, education, and security and also interact with other cities around the world.

We believe that Turkish Healthy Cities Association will establish a strong platform for fruitful cooperation that will contribute to the development, embracement and implementation of €œHealthy Cities€ movement across Turkey and create sustainable cities. Turkish Healthy Cities Association will provide member cities information, documents, projects, experiences and good practices with regard to local governance, health, planning, environment, housing, transportation, education and security. €œHealthy Cities Association€ will generate a crucial opportunity and considerable progress in terms of strengthening this movement in Turkey and collaboration for our cities, which will result in healthier cities.